Billy the Ratcatcher and The Westminster Pit

Billing the ratcatcher in WestminsterPit 1823


Billy the Ratcatcher at The Westminster Pit, London

"Billy the celebrated rat-killing dog, performing his wonderful feat of killing 100 rats in  minutes, April 13th, 1823.

Perhaps rather a difficult subject for modern sensibilities, but nevertheless a fascinating glimpse into the sporting world of almost 200 years ago.


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On Naive Art and Artists  


Peter, my husband, recently came across a now rather old book by George Melly

entitled  'A Tribe of One', now out of print, in which he writes so well

about naive art and artists.  I thought other might like to  share some of his thoughts.    


The following extracts come from a chapter entitled:  "The Naïve Thread in British Art ".

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Folk Art: Sailors Woolworks or Woolies


Sailors woolworks or woolies, are a reminder of our sea-faring history, and are a fascinating

piece of folk art history.  So did sailors really make them?

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Folk Art: Jumping Jacks

19th century folk art jumping jack from


Brightly coloured jumping jacks, a simple children's toy from so many years ago, can still

bring a smile to the face of even the most tech-savvy.   Read on for a little more information

on this most charming of folk arts.

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Folk Art: Nailsea Glass

19th century nailsea walking stick from


 Nailsea glass:  weird things made from glass, read on for the how and why .

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